Jess Becker Photography is a Maryland based maternity, newborn and motherhood photographer serving those who adore light, love & candid moments.

Founded in 2014, our mission is to help you capture the love of the season you're in. From welcoming your tiny little newborn earth side, to savoring those grins + giggles as they grow, we know time is forever fleeting and can't wait to create tangible memories for you to hold on to.

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a reflection

Of how this self proclaimed non-creative fell
 in love with photography

Unlike many others, I did not always know I wanted to be a photographer. In fact, for the vast majority of my life I was completely certain that I did not have a single ounce of creativity whatsoever! Lucky for me, fate jumped in, and I am now proudly a Registered Nurse, turned SAHM, turned photographer/small business owner! That was over four years ago, and I've never looked back. Aren't the very best plans, the ones we didn't even know existed?

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Our why

Our experiences in life not only shape us as people, but allow us to connect with others in such a special way. As we have started a family, snuggled our little newborns, chased toddlers and gotten married; we have gained so much experience and joy! Our story allows us to connect with others in all of those various stages of life - and we love it all!  

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real life

The ups, downs and inbetween

Oh, real life. Isn't that our favorite hashtag these days?! We try our very best to approach all things in life, including photography, with this in mind. Nothing is ever perfect, things may get a little crazy, or go off track, but you know what? Quite often those moments are the ones that end up being so special, and some of our very favorites! The in-between. The unscripted. They're the memories you can look back on down the road and appreciate a little extra, (or laugh about!) So if your toddler can't sit still, or your baby cries, just know that we've probably (definitely) been there too, and will be ready to create some magic from the messy. 

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It's always about our clients. We may be biased, but we really think we have the very best ones! For us, it's all about appreciating the season of life they're in, and giving them tangible memories to hold on to. How quickly the days pass by, and the little details fade from memory. We are beyond thankful to be trusted to capture these important milestones, and find such joy in knowing that we are able to play a role preserving a legacy.

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A little virtual pick-me-up, occasional coffee treats, early access to new offerings and mini sessions, plus tips + tricks for photographers!